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Catnip Carrots

Catnip carrots are a great way to encourage your kitty to engage in playful behavior and healthy exercise. These toys contain 100% aromatic catnip and are great for stimulating playful behavior. You can buy several different varieties of catnip carrots to keep your cat entertained for hours.

King’s organic catnip

The King Catnip Carrot Catnip Toy is filled with high-quality, organic catnip leaves. Made in the United Kingdom, this toy is safe for your cat and is a fun way to encourage your feline friend’s play and activity. These toys are also completely non-addictive.

Made in the United Kingdom, this toy carrot is 6 inches long and made entirely from organic whole leaf catnip. It has an internal pouch that can be refilled with catnip. Your cat will love the sweet scent and stimulates playful behavior. This toy carrot is filled with pure organic catnip and will make your cat happy!

Ratherbee’s hemp catnip carrot

Ratherbee’s hemp catnips carrot is made of all-natural, organic materials. It is made of durable hemp cords and canvas, and the organic catnip is free from harmful dyes. It is safe for cats and promotes healthy activity.

Freak MEOWt’s catnip carrot

Freak MEOWt’s catnips carrots are handmade and filled with extra strength Canadian catnip. They are also lined with calico and made of wool felt for extra strength. They are about the size of a real carrot and are packaged in a brown carrier bag.

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