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Catnip Carrots

Catnip carrots can help your cat feel healthy and happy. They also encourage your cat to play and exercise. Whether your cat is older or young, a catnip carrot will be beneficial for both of you. Here are three options for catnip carrots: Hemp, Ratherbee, and Freak MEOWt.

Hemp Catnip Carrot

The hemp catnip carrot is an excellent way to promote healthy activity in cats. Made of organic hemp cords and canvas, this toy contains a natural source of catnip without toxic dyes. The hemp catnip carrot is great for cat health and is made for durability.

Purrfect Play wholesales hemp catnip carrots to keep prices affordable. Wholesalers typically mark up products five to ten times their cost, which means they need to mark them up five or ten times to cover the cost of production. Because the hemp catnip carrot is an organic product, Purrfect Play can keep its prices low. It is also a member of the Green Business Network, which has helped the company grow.

Ratherbee Catnip Carrot

If you have a cat who enjoys playing with catnip, the Ratherbee Catnip Carrott is one of the best toys for your feline friend. This carrot-shaped toy is packed with 100% organic catnip and is a favorite among many cat owners. This cat toy is available in various sizes and shapes, and it’s made by Blue Rat, a company located near Philadelphia.

If you live in the United States, you can order a Ratherbee Catnip Carrott from desertcart. Its selection of products is extensive and it ships to more than 164 countries. If you live outside the United States, you can use desertcart’s free shipping option to get your Ratherbee Catnip Carroot quickly.

Freak MEOWt Catnip Carrot

The Freak MEOWt Catnip carrot is a handmade, felted cat toy filled with extra-strong Canadian catnip. A small amount of polyester filling adds durability to the toy. Each carrot is about the size of a real carrot and comes packaged in a brown carrier bag.

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