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Cheap Shoe Organizer Ideas For Your Home

You can use a variety of materials to create a DIY shoe organizer for your home. You can buy PVC pipe to create a stacked shoe rack, or you can use a planter or a bookshelf. Regardless of what you use, you can build a cheap shoe organizer for your home that fits your needs.

PVC pipe

Using PVC pipe as a cheap shoe organizer is a great way to store your shoes and accessories without breaking the bank. You can stack these pipes on one another and use them as a rack to keep your shoes organized. This is a great alternative to traditional wooden shoe storage racks. You can purchase PVC pipe at your local home repair store.

One of the best ways to use PVC pipe for a shoe organizer is to cut them into pieces that fit your room’s measurements. You can use Gorilla Glue or PVC cement to adhere the pipes to one another. It’s best to use a thick line of glue to attach the pipes. You can also use a heavy object to hold the pipes in place until the glue dries.

Another cheap shoe organizer idea is to stack PVC pipes to make a shoe rack. This is similar to how cable management systems are made from toilet paper rolls, only larger. You can stack several pipes to create the shape and design you want. Make sure to measure each pair of shoes before you start assembling your rack.

PVC pipe is an inexpensive and versatile material that is easy to work with. Besides, it comes in a wide variety of sizes. This makes PVC shoe racks an ideal DIY project. They’re great for the mudroom, front door, bedroom, or closet. You can also customize the design and color to suit your personal tastes.

Stackable shoe bins

Stackable shoe bins are a simple and effective way to organize your shoes. They come in many different shapes and sizes, with multiple compartments. Some of them are made of clear plastic or mesh, making it easy to see what you’re storing inside. These are a great option if you’re working with limited space or are looking for a cheap shoe organizer idea.

Another option is a rotating shoe display. These are great for storing more pairs of shoes than corner shelves do and add style to the room. However, they require a larger space than a traditional corner shelf. This may not be an option for some people, particularly those who have small closets. However, if you’re a true shoe lover and have limited space in your closet, you can always look for alternative storage options. In addition to the shoe organizer in the closet, a hallway bench can also be used as a place to store your shoes. These benches not only provide seating, but also allow you to keep a small amount of space for your shoes.

Alternatively, you can opt for freestanding shoe cubbies. These organizers require a floor space, but they’re best if you have a lot of shoes. They have individual compartments, which can each hold four pairs of shoes. The bottom compartments are usually made of a transparent material so that you can see what you’re storing. Another great thing about freestanding shoe cubbies is that they’re very portable.

If you have an unorganized closet, keep in mind that piles of shoes are an easy way to get ruined and are impossible to find. Then, instead of leaving your shoes on the floor, look for innovative ways to store them.


If you want to grow your plants in containers, you can use inexpensive shoe organizer ideas for planters. These containers can store soil and other plants. These containers can also hold seeds. These inexpensive planters can be mounted to the walls or hung on the fence. To hang them, use zip ties, rope, or chains. Then, fill the pockets with moist retaining compost and seeds. To keep water from overflowing, you can attach a piece of 2” x 2” wood to the back of the planter. This will keep the bottom off the wall and will help the planter stay put.

Another cheap shoe organizer idea for planters is to use the pockets to grow plants. You can also use pockets made of felt cloth to hang plants from. This material is breathable and corrosion-resistant. It is ideal for balcony gardens. You can also make a vertical garden using hanging pocket organizers.

Another inexpensive shoe organizer idea is to use an old window planter. You can hang these organizers at your entry way or in your closet. Make sure to choose a location that gets enough sunlight and protects the plants from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Also, choose plants that require similar growing conditions. Using plants that have different growing requirements will create challenges and can be difficult to manage.

One of the best ways to use cheap shoe organizer ideas for planters is to install vertical planters. These are a great way to add a beautiful accent to your garden. These planters are incredibly easy to install and can even prevent wildlife from entering your garden.


Investing in a simple and cheap shoe organizer is a great way to organize your shoes. A good shoe organizer is usually a shelf that attaches to the wall and allows you to slip your shoes into it. Alternatively, you can consider a wall-mounted shoe rack that will accommodate up to 16 pairs of shoes. These organizers can be purchased for a low price or built yourself using common materials.

Before you buy a cheap shoe organizer, it’s a good idea to sort your shoes. Some shoes may be in good condition and you can donate them to charity. Other shoes may be in poor condition and might not be the right size for the organizer. If you have a small space or a limited budget, shoe shelves are an excellent option.

You can also find affordable options at Ikea. The Billy/Oxberg Bookcase has a glass front so that you can show off your shoes. Another inexpensive shoe organizer is an IKEA Lack Shelf, which mimics the look of a real shoe store. Choose a shelf that is suitable for your shoes and organize them according to the frequency of wear.

Stacking shoe racks are another great option. These racks are available in various sizes and can hold a variety of footwear. Some are able to accommodate a dozen pairs of shoes. You can even assign a pair of shoes to different family members. To make the rack more useful, you can also add a small bench to it. It has a powder-coated steel rack and extra shelf space for slippers.

You can also make a freestanding shoe organizer for your home by using drop cloth and furring strips instead of crown molding. They are easier to use and take apart, but take up a little floor space.

Ikea desk

An Ikea desk is an inexpensive shoe organizer idea. This desk can be pulled out when not in use, saving floor space. Originally, the desk was meant to fit inside a walk-in closet. However, it can now be used as a shoe rack. There are some other ways to convert an Ikea desk into a shoe organizer, such as painting it in a different color or using a crates rack.

One clever hack involves using the legs and shelves from an old Ikea desk. Reusing old metal legs is a great way to repurpose your Ikea desk. You can also add magazine holders and fabric storage bins. The best part is that this DIY idea is free! All you need is some time, patience, and a few supplies.

Steph started by assembling the shelves. Then she attached timber shiplap to the back panel. After that, she painted the frame white. Then she painted the doors separately and screwed them to the frame. Steph also removed the old knobs and handles. She then sanded them down, filled the gaps with wood filler, and drilled new holes for the knobs.

Another Ikea desk hack is to turn the shelves into a gaming desk. You can also use it as a shelving unit or as a desk for external hard drives. These hacks are great for any type of work area, from sit-down to standing desks. The possibilities are endless!

You can also turn an IKEA BILLY bookcase into a modern display piece. A few simple household items and a hot glue gun can turn an Ikea shelf into a stylish storage bench. Using an IKEA Kallax bookshelf can be another great option. This shelf is affordable and functional.

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