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Dead Sea Salt

Bath salt is an often misused drug. Despite the popularity of this product, the risks of using it are still high. In June of 2011, there were 743 calls to poison control centers relating to bath salts. In June of 2012, there were 415 calls. Considering the dangerous side effects, you should not use bath salt unless you’re sure you’re not going to inhale it. In addition to its potential risks, bath salts are also highly addictive.

The dangers of bath salt use are well known, but it’s important to note that there is no clear evidence that they cause any lasting harm. However, many studies have shown that bath salts are more often consumed by non-medical users of cocaine and amphetamines. It has been found that people who abuse psychostimulants prefer compounds with similar effects. Because of these risks, research into the EDM scene has identified a higher rate of usage of “bath salts” among these groups.

Dead Sea salt contains active minerals that are essential for your skin’s health and is safe to ingest. But it’s too bitter to be eaten and should never be used to make food or drink. Because of its high concentration of active minerals, it’s best to use Dead Sea bath salts only after consulting a healthcare provider. You might be able to find it in convenience stores, but you’ll need to look elsewhere for it.

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