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Entertainment News Articles

An entertainment news article is a piece of media that provides information about celebrities and pop culture. It is usually written by a journalist with the intention of entertaining and informing readers.

A good example of this type of writing is the recent article on Lindsay Lohan’s prison sentence. It did not make any unnecessary assumptions about her personal life and focused on the facts.


FirstLook is a digital streaming platform that offers original, independent journalism and cinematic nonfiction films. The platform also provides opportunities for emerging filmmakers to showcase their work. Founded by Pierre Omidyar, First Look Media is an independent nonprofit organization supported by the Omidyar Network and other private investors. Its mission is to support fearless investigative reporting and innovative, cinematic nonfiction filmmaking, as well as press freedom initiatives to protect the right to a free and open society and a free press. First Look also hosts a screenwriting and TV writing competition that rewards the winners with extensive post-contest development before industry distribution.

E! Online

E! Online offers audiences a unique look into celebrity focused reality shows and breaking news stories. The site has a sleek and easy to navigate design that makes it a breeze for users to browse the latest celebrity news, watch videos of their favourite programmes and flick through photo galleries. It also offers exclusive red carpet content that has been captured by E!’s photographers.

In addition to its original programs, the network carries a number of acquired series (such as broadcast standards-edited reruns of Alice and Absolutely Fabulous, as well as 20/20 lifestyle-based interview programs hosted by various former ABC and CBS personalities), and a variety of specials featuring a range of entertainment topics from light fare (such as 25 Cutest Child Stars All Grown Up) to serious fare (such as E! Investigates). The network also has simulcasts of the People’s Choice Awards.

Occasionally, the network airs episodes from its sister cable and satellite channels (notably Style Network and G4) to provide them with a promotional platform and increase their distribution. It also formerly aired live pre-shows of the Primetime Emmy Awards, Golden Globe Awards and Academy Awards, and Joan Rivers’ fashion critique program Fashion Police.


As a fashion and lifestyle digital publisher, PopSugar has a number of growth strategies that help it stand out from the competition. In addition to a solid editorial team and high-quality videos, the company also has a dedicated branded content studio. This studio helps advertisers produce premium and authentic content for their target audience.

The first iteration of PopSugar was a response to celebrity news, and it quickly gained a following. Soon, Lisa and Brian were able to quit their jobs and focus on the site full-time. They then expanded the site into multiple categories, including beauty, fitness, and food.

To grow its audiences, PopSugar partnered with ad network Blogads to sell native advertising space. This allowed them to pool their ad inventory and take on more diversified advertisers. They also began to create video ads that ran across their own websites and YouTube channels. The video ads were a success, and the publisher saw a significant increase in their subscriptions. In addition, the publisher partnered with Newhouse School to recruit student writers for their Voices contributing writer program.


Bandcamp is a digital community that facilitates the process of fans directly supporting artists. It also allows artists to create and sell t-shirts, vinyl records, and other merchandise. Its users have paid over $564 million to musicians through the platform, making it an honest-to-goodness bulwark against artistic monoculture. The platform is based in Oakland, California.

Unlike streaming services, Bandcamp doesn’t charge listeners to hear music on its site, but it still makes money by selling downloads and merchandise. Its ethos is that “artists should own their work and their audience.” This gives it an edge over its competitors.

In addition to facilitating the sale of music, Bandcamp features articles about music and its creators on Bandcamp Daily. These editorial write-ups can help an artist build their following. They can also be used to promote upcoming events and concerts.

It is important for artists to set up their profiles properly on Bandcamp. This includes uploading high-quality music and adding lyrics. This will improve searchability and accessibility for deaf and hard-of-hearing users. It will also discourage cheeseball lyrics sites from profiting off your work.

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