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Places to Go in Latimer, NJ

If you are looking for places to go in Latimer, NJ, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll discuss the Latimer house, Latimer bakeries, the Latimer-Woods Economic DVLPT Association, and the Sow the Seeds workshop.

Latimer house

Places to go in Latimer, NJ include the historic Lewis Latimer House Museum. The museum offers self-guided tours. After the tour, Debbie Allen will be on hand to answer questions about the museum and the Latimer family. In addition to her involvement in the committee, she also co-founded Black Dome Press, a publishing company that specialized in New York State history and guidebooks.

This charming old home, built by the Latimer family in 1926, is an example of the Spanish style homes that are still common in this town. Despite being over a century old, the Latimer home has been beautifully restored by the Neri family. The Neri family is only the second family to live in the house. This historic home is located on Wildwood Crest. It was constructed after the county filled in the Turtle Gut Inlet in 1922. The house is in the Spanish style and still features the signature awnings.

Latimer bakeries

A long time ago, the Latimer family owned a bakeshop in the town of Wildwood, which served a variety of baked treats to the community. It was run by Robert Latimer, who was a member of the Wildwood Country Club. The Latimer name was known throughout the town, and the Latimer family has become just as important to the town’s history as the town’s architecture.

Latimer-Woods Economic DVLPT Association

The Latimer-Woods economic development association is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to creating jobs and opportunities in Brooklyn, New York. The organization focuses on helping the community become more prosperous and competitive in the local economy. They provide a variety of services including small business consulting, economic development, and economic analysis.

The Latimer-Woods economic development association was founded in Brooklyn, NY, in 1981. It has offices in Brooklyn and Fremont, California. The organization helps businesses expand their businesses and attract new companies to the area. It also provides educational opportunities for its residents.

Sow the Seeds workshop

If you’d like to learn more about how you can help the environment, consider attending a Sow the Seeds workshop. This event will offer free seeds and tools, as well as information on planting native plants. Nikki Howell, a gardening expert, will lead the Winter Sow Workshop. She’ll talk about germination and planting native plant seedlings. Each workshop participant will receive a mini greenhouse in a bottle.

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