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Places to Visit in Montrose Colorado

If you’re thinking about visiting Montrose, Colorado, you’ve come to the right place. This city is the county seat and home rule municipality of Montrose County. The city has a total area of 18.4 square miles. The city is accessible via U.S. Highway 50, which is a main road through the town.

MONTROSE COLORADO is a great place to explore

Montrose Colorado is the gateway to the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park and is home to a small population of about 20,000 people. This charming town offers the chance to explore the area’s many outdoor activities. Hunting and fishing are popular pastimes in Montrose.

Located in southwest Colorado, Montrose is just two hours from Crested Butte. It is near the south rim of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, which is considered more beautiful than the Grand Canyon due to its towering sandstone canyons and narrow openings. The town offers plenty of lodging options, with several national chains and locally owned hotels. Additionally, Montrose features bed and breakfast inns and small lodges.

Montrose’s historic past can be explored at the Montrose County Historical Museum. There are numerous exhibits dedicated to early pioneers in western Colorado. The museum is located on a former railroad depot and showcases an extensive collection of artifacts from the area’s early days. Most of these items have been donated by local pioneer families. You can also explore the museum’s upstairs area, which features an exhibit of a restored stagecoach and agricultural equipment.

Montrose is a small western town that’s an ideal place to explore. While the area is surrounded by national parks and forests, it has a distinct cowboy feel and a gritty cowboy appearance. The town is 260 miles from Denver and 60 miles from Telluride, making it a great place to explore.

It’s a ranching community

Montrose Colorado is a ranching community located in the western United States. The town’s history dates back to the late nineteenth century. It was established near a mining camp in the San Juans, and the town soon developed into a trading center for supplies being shipped by rail to the mines of Ouray County. By 1890, the town was home to a population of 1,330. Businesses nearby included Dave Wood’s Magnolia Freight Lines and Buddecke & Diehl Outfitters.

The region surrounding Montrose is home to over 1,100 farms. The region is the 16th largest agricultural producer in Colorado. In 2012, it was the second-largest poultry producer in the state and was the fifth largest supplier of cow milk. Unfortunately, the area’s largest dairy producer closed its doors in mid-2016.

The community is close to Black Canyon National Park. This park is free to enter and offers a variety of outdoor activities. Visitors can cross-country ski in the winter, hike, or camp in the park. Other activities in the area include mountain biking, fishing, and photography. In addition, the town has a newly built Rec Center, one of the largest on the Western Slope.

Montrose County, CO is the 16th largest county in Colorado. It covers an area of 2,242 square miles and is located in the southwest region of the state. Farming is the main industry, although there is also a significant number of retirees in the area. The county is home to numerous ranches and other rural areas.

While Montrose is a ranching community, the area is also a vibrant community. The city of Ouray, an historic mountain town about 30 minutes’ drive away, is a quaint town that is nicknamed the “Switzerland of America.” The town also boasts an historic downtown and therapeutic mineral hot springs that are perfect for relaxing after a day of outdoor adventure.

It’s a great place to explore

If you’re looking for a fun place to visit with kids, Monterey has a number of attractions that are sure to delight. There are several parks and playgrounds to choose from, including the Dennis the Menace Playground, which is named after the comic book character. If you’re bringing your children along to the area, they’ll love this park with its slides, maze, and lion-shaped drinking fountain.

You can also explore the Monterey Aquarium, which features multiple large aquariums filled with sea life. The aquarium is kid-friendly and includes themed play areas. There’s also a restaurant inside, which serves fresh, local seafood. The Aquarium Cafe is a fun place to stop for a healthy meal, and children’s menu items include sourdough bread bowls of clam chowder.

You can also explore the town’s history by visiting the National Steinbeck Center. The center houses artifacts, first edition books, and interactive exhibits. The museum also houses themed theaters based on Steinbeck’s books. You can spend an entire day exploring this beautiful town.

If you’re looking for something more adventurous, you can visit Pinnacles National Park, located 52 miles from Monterey. This park is home to 13 different species of bats. Be sure to bring a headlamp or flashlight when you go. There are also opportunities to spot the California Condor, one of the largest birds in North America.

You can also visit the Pacific House Museum, located in a historic building from 1847. It was once a U.S. Navy storage facility, but today, it is a museum. It was also used as a courthouse, pub, and church.

It’s a great place to stay

Hotel Monterey is in a great location, near the waterfront and close to restaurants. It’s a 2.5 star hotel with nice rooms and free breakfast. It is a small hotel, so the rooms are not large, but they have all of the amenities you need. You can also enjoy the gym and pool and free Wifi. It also has a restaurant.

Depending on your budget, accommodations in Monterey can be quite expensive, but you can find some great deals if you visit during low season, which runs from November to March. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend, choose a hotel further from the town center, or rent a home or apartment from a local. You can easily find a rental by using TripAdvisor, which has reviews for nearly 400 places around Monterey.

You’ll also want to consider how far you’d like to drive to Monterey. Driving from Colorado Springs to Monterey is a long drive, so don’t plan to go non-stop. Instead, plan to take a few breaks so you can stop and rest if you need to.

If you want to be close to the action, consider renting an Airbnb. This rental offers access to the downtown area, as well as a decent range of restaurants and bars. The property also offers easy access to historic buildings, and is close to Cannery Row.

The Portola Hotel and Spa is a great choice for luxury accommodations. The property has gorgeous architecture and a beautiful outdoor pool. The hotel also has on-site parking. The hotel is five minutes away from Old Fisherman’s Wharf, and it is close to Cannery Row, a street that runs along the waterfront.

It’s a great place to eat

The culinary offerings in Montrose Colorado are varied, and many of the restaurants are family owned. The menus range from American classics to international fare. You can enjoy Indian, Mexican, Thai, Italian, and European cuisine. Local dishes can be enjoyed as well. The town’s farmers market is a good place to find fresh produce.

Montrose is also a great place to find farm-raised beef. The Stone House Restaurant serves certified Angus beef, and only the best cuts are available. The restaurant has a lodge-style atmosphere that makes it a great spot for special occasions or a casual meal. Other food options in Montrose include seafood, pasta, and comfort foods. The Stone House Restaurant even hosts a Sunday brunch.

Montrose is a vibrant municipality in southwest Colorado with countless dining options. If you’re in the mood for a romantic dinner, Ted Nelson’s Steakhouse offers delicious smoked classics. Located near Rotary Park, this Montrose restaurant is an institution for locals and visitors.

The Montrose Brewery is another excellent dining option. The master brewer, Mike Thomas, is always happy to give tours. The Montrose Brewery also serves great pizzas. The town’s restaurants offer hearty breakfasts and unforgettable dinners.

A few more restaurants in Montrose have an excellent reputation for serving delicious food. The Cabin Restaurant, for example, offers traditional American and Mexican cuisine. While it’s off-the-beaten-path, the family-run restaurant features favorites from both countries.

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