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The Container Store and Marie Kondo Launch a Collaborative Collection

The Container Store and Marie Kondo have teamed up to create a line of home storage and organizing products. The e-commerce store features products from the popular Netflix interior design show. The collection is made from bamboo, ceramic, and recycled fiberboard.

Organizing guru Marie Kondo launches a collaboration with The Container Store

The Container Store and Marie Kondo have teamed up to launch a new line of storage products. The resulting collection features 100 sustainably sourced products designed with the KonMari ethos. The line is aimed at consumers who value simplicity and elevated aesthetics. The collection is expected to be available in January 2021.

The Container Store is a retail chain in Coppell, Texas. The Container Store is known for its organization and storage solutions. Their collaboration with Kondo, a tidiness expert, is sure to add a touch of joy to your home. The collaboration with Marie Kondo is part of the company’s ongoing mission to expand its customer base, while improving its sustainability efforts.

The collaboration will include a range of storage and organization items designed to help you tidy your home. The products feature clean and easily accessible storage solutions. The collection encourages you to declutter and discard items that don’t spark joy. In addition, you can also purchase storage accessories that complement the collection.

The Container Store’s line of storage products is inspired by Marie Kondo’s methods of decluttering. The collection will include bamboo flatware trays, bamboo hanging racks, desk organizers, and airtight canisters. The line will also feature labels for essential pantry items.

The collaboration is expected to be available in stores on January 15. The Container Store and Marie Kondo have teamed up to offer more than 100 items that will help you simplify and organize your home. The collection covers everything from closets to kitchens and home offices. It also includes cute items for kids’ rooms.

Products are made from bamboo

The Container Store and Marie Kondo have launched a collaborative collection made of bamboo and inspired by traditional Japanese design. The collection features bamboo storage boxes, bamboo hangers and a series of other organizing products for your kitchen, closet and office. The collection features a wide variety of storage solutions, including Marie Kondo’s signature Hikidashi storage boxes. These Japanese storage boxes are designed to be functional and stylish. The designs are inspired by traditional Japanese architecture.

In addition to being made from bamboo, the new Marie Kondo collection will feature over 100 sustainably-sourced products to help you create a tidy, happy and beautiful home. The products use premium materials like bamboo, ceramic, and Forest Steward Council-certified wood to create stylish storage solutions for every room of your home.

Bamboo has the same positive energy as wood, so the collection is a great choice for people with low carbon footprints. The Container Store also sells bamboo storage containers in different sizes and colors. Marie Kondo recommends these organizers because they are durable and eco-friendly. They can easily store clothes and other items.


A collaboration between the container store and the tidiness guru Marie Kondo has made the tiniest of spaces look even more stylish. The collection features a slew of minimalist items like bamboo bins and hampers with lattice patterns. There are also some nods to Kondo’s Japanese heritage, like a shoe rack next to the front door and shoji room dividers.

The Container Store is a specialty retailer of organization and storage products. The new collection is made of premium materials and designed to inspire a clean and tidy home. It will launch online and in stores nationwide in January 2021. It features more than 100 items that have been sustainably sourced to help anyone create an organized and joyful home.

The collaboration between the two companies follows the philosophy of Marie Kondo, who has authored a book and has a Netflix show about decluttering spaces. Devotees of her methodology reevaluate the things in their homes to determine whether they bring joy or purpose. The minimalistic movement began in the 1960s, but now has become a global phenomenon, fueled by the growing popularity of the Millennial generation. This generation is all about being Instagram-ready and keeping things as minimal as possible. This collaboration is an exciting move for both brands.

The collaboration was announced back in October of last year, but the official release date was not given. While the collaboration was a success, the product did not hit the shelves until 2021.

Recycled fiberboard

The Container Store is betting big on this new collaboration. The new line will feature over 100 items for closets, kitchens, and home offices. Many of the items are made from bamboo, recycled fiberboard, and wood that has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. The new line will debut in stores this month.

The Container Store is the leading specialty retailer for organization and storage products. Their collaboration with Marie Kondo brings together their expertise in storage and organization with the tidy ethos of the popular tidying expert. The collection is made with premium materials, including recycled fiberboard, wood, and ceramic. The products are expected to be available in stores nationwide and online starting January 2021.

The collaborative collection includes over 100 products made from sustainable materials. Some of these items include baskets, drawer dividers, and hangers. The organizers are designed with the help of Marie Kondo, a popular TV personality and best-selling author.

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