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Things to Do in Gaithersburg, MD

There are countless things to do in Gaithersburg, Maryland. This city is located in Montgomery County, Maryland, with a population of 69,657 people. You can check out the Bohrer Park Water Park and the 270 Center, an adventure center. There is also Oktoberfest.

Bohrer Park Water Park

Bohrer Park Water Park offers a wide variety of water-based activities. The large outdoor swimming pool features deep lanes, a shallow play area, and a 250-ft. double waterslide. The park also features a variety of other amenities for the entire family.

Located in the city’s Bohrer Park, this public water park is a summertime favorite for all ages. The water park includes a zero-depth entry area, two water slides, and an interactive mushroom water umbrella. The park has picnic tables and shaded areas for those who wish to relax outside of the water.

If you’re looking for a way to relax on a Saturday or Sunday, check out Bohrer Park Water Park. This family-friendly water park is rated 3.5 stars and is open Mon-Sun. The water park is open to non-GAITHERSBURG residents, but the park does not appreciate them.

Bohrer Park at Summit Hall Farm is a community park in Gaithersburg, Maryland that offers a variety of activities for children and adults alike. The park also features a volleyball net, horseshoe pit, and open fields. There are also multiple picnic pavilions and paved pathways.

The Water Park is a huge outdoor swimming area. It features multiple slides, including a double waterslide that’s 250 feet long. The play area is shallow and features inflated animals. There are two 250-foot slides and one open flume slide. It also has a zero-depth entry area.

270 Center is an adventure center

Whether you’re looking for an exciting day out with family or a unique way to entertain yourself, 270 Center is the place to be. The center features eight great stores and is located on Shady Grove Road in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Take a virtual flight over the city with an indoor skydiving experience or get in some fun family bonding time at the bowling alley. The center is a great place for birthday parties of any age, with a party room for your child’s special day. There are also trained party hosts to help you plan a fun party for your child.

Arts Barn

The Arts Barn in Gaithersburg, MD recently presented an evening of music by legendary singer David Mallett. The performance was recorded live and streamed live to YouTube. Whether you love folk music, country music, or classical music, this event was sure to please!


The 30th annual Oktoberfest in Gaithersburg, MD will take place Sunday, October 9. The event includes German food, live entertainment and other fall-themed activities. The festival is free and will be held in the Kentlands neighborhood. You can get there by car or ride the free shuttle service. The festival is wheelchair accessible and includes activities for kids. The festival will run from noon to 5 p.m. and will take place at Kentlands Village Green and Main Street. You can also park in satellite lots located at 101 and 200 Orchard Ridge Drive.

If you’d like to participate in the festival, you can rent a space in a tent. This will allow you to display your wares, and you can use it for sales. The rental fee depends on the type of booth you want to have. You’ll also want to work with a printing company in Gaithersburg to advertise your booth. Banner printing services can help draw attention to your tent, and you’ll also want to use signs and flyers to promote Oktoberfest.


Gaithersburg, Maryland is celebrating SummerFest this weekend with fireworks over Bohrer Park. The Gaithersburg Police Department has planned lane restrictions along Route 355 adjacent to Bohrer Park. This means that cars will not be able to cross Route 355 between Cedar and Central Avenues, or turn left. You should plan to use an alternate route to avoid the area. In addition, pedestrians should be careful as crossing guards will be on duty at intersections of South Summit Avenue, Education Boulevard, and Deer Park Road. The festival is open until 9 p.m.

This free summertime celebration is the perfect place for families and friends to spend the day. The Bohrer Park event features food and live entertainment. In addition, children and adults can participate in fun activities and games. The event concludes with a spectacular fireworks display and a SummerGlo after party.

In addition to the fireworks, there will be live music and inflatables. The fireworks start at 9:15 p.m. There will also be food and vendor booths. There are also volleyball courts and many other activities for the whole family. For rainy days, the event is moved indoors, so you don’t have to miss it.

International Latitude Observatory

The Gaithersburg Latitude Observatory is a historic astronomical observatory that has been in operation since 1899. The observatory is one of six in the world, each working to measure the wobble of the Earth’s axis. It also hosts a museum and exhibits that showcase the history of astronomy and science. While the observatory is now a part of the National Bureau of Standards (NIST), it was originally built as a private observatory.

The Gaithersburg Latitude Observatory is one of six International Latitude Observatories located all around the world. Its mission is to help scientists better understand earth’s weather and physical characteristics. Today, Gaithersburg Latitude Observatory is used by scientists to determine polar motion, predict climate and assist the space program. Because of its significance in the history of science and the evolution of mankind, the observatory has been recognized as a National Historic Landmark.

The Gaithersburg Observatory played a crucial role in the discovery of Earth’s rotation. In 1898, the International Geodetic Association established a network of latitude observatories throughout the world to study the rotation of the Earth. The Gaithersburg Observatory was chosen to join this network of observatories, along with sites in Italy, Japan, and the Soviet Union. The observatory was supervised by the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey, and the roof was designed to expose a reflecting telescope inside.

The observatory building is located behind the Gaithersburg High School and is open to the public. The observatory offers star-viewing opportunities using modern telescopes. The observatory’s original zenith telescope, which dates from 1899, is still on display elsewhere. The observatory is open for self-guided tours and is also open during Heritage Days in June.

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